Civil cases usually involve legal conflicts among individuals, businesses, corporations, partnerships and governmental entities. Many civil cases are the result of personal injury, property damage, medical malpractice and contract disputes. Other civil case filings might involve real property, such as forcible detainer actions, or quiet title proceedings.

The Justice Courts in Arizona have exclusive jurisdiction, or authority, to hear all civil actions when the amount involved is $10,000 or less.  This amount does not include interest, costs, and awarded attorney fees when authorized by law.
The filing of a complaint commences a civil action. Most civil litigation is conducted through attorneys, but there are some individuals who choose to represent themselves.  

If you elect to represent yourself you have the responsibility to yourself and to the Court to acquire sufficient knowledge to complete the forms properly and to follow your action through to conclusion. The court provides the necessary forms with detailed information and instructions.


The eFileAZ application is available for electronic filing in Civil cases. For information on the eFiling system and to register and train for its use, you can visit


Visit our Forms and Form Kits page to view and download forms and instructions related to civil cases.

Fees associated with filing and responding to a suit 

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